Sesame oil, a total cosmetic solution typical of Korean beauty rituals

Since you have probably already heard about Korean cosmetics, today we are going to share with you the secret of this trending cosmetic industry that has recently gone viral: sesame oil.

This natural oil extracted from sesame seeds became a natural remedy hundreds of years ago, being most famous on the Asian continent due to its properties, not only in skin care, health and beauty, but also in the gastronomic and medicinal fields.

As far as its popularity in skin care is concerned, we should mention that among its main properties are the increase of skin elasticity and hydration, being a number one oil when it comes to facilitating skin regeneration processes.

Sesame oil has been used in Asia for centuries due to its therapeutic properties on the skin, traditionally known as a complete repairing solution that helps preserving its natural status

This oil is rich in essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid and ceramides, which give it antioxidant properties that protect the skin against free radicals. Its high tocopherol content makes it an elixir of youth due to its moisturising, revitalising and anti-ageing properties.

Want an intense exfoliation that also leaves skin intensely moisturised and soft? Mix a few drops of sesame oil with a granulate of any kind (sugar, salt, sea salt, epsom salt, coffee) and get ready for a natural exfoliation of the body or face.

Sesame oil is also an essential solution for anti-ageing treatments. It delays the signs of ageing, so it is ideal for use directly on the face or mixed with lotions or creams. It also acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and therefore it effectively fights acne.

Sesame oil is commonly used in natural face masks for its excellent repairing properties that restore damaged hair back into a radiant look

The sesame also provides excellent properties for the hair, giving it nourishment and shine while deeply moisturising it. It is also an excellent natural repairer for dry or damaged hair, which is why it is often found in many hair treatments and hair care masks, as it detangles, softens and defines hair.

Last but not least, this oil is also a natural make-up remover that requires no effort to cleanse the skin. Simply wipe a cotton pad over the face. It removes dirt and leaves the skin soft, smooth and moisturised, eliminating flaccidity and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

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