Tea tree epsom salt 1 kg


Tea tree bath salts

  • Powerful anti fungus and bacteria solution: a foot bath with tea tree oil with epsom salts fights nail fungus, athlete’s foot and persistent foot odor.
  • Eliminates odor naturally: this is a 100% natural product that reduces foot sweating by eliminating bad odor and the feeling of heaviness.
  • In-depth cleansing: our foot bath with tea tree oil helps eliminate harmful bacteria that regular soaps and scrubs don’t remove.
  • Keeps nails soft and strong: the refreshing and exfoliating effect of salts and oils helps remove old skin cells, leaving only healthy cells, ensuring deep cleansing and soft, supple nails and toes.
  • Improves the health and relaxation of your feet: the bath salts improve blood circulation to the feet, leaving a feeling of calm and relaxation.
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Tea tree bath salts

🌿 Unmatched Effectiveness: 6x More Powerful. Our carefully blended Dead Sea salts and Epsom Salt infused with Tea Tree Essential Oil and Peppermint Essential Oil offer unparalleled efficacy. Ideal for addressing toenail fungus, removing dead skin from feet, treating athlete’s foot, eliminating hard skin on feet, removing calluses, serving as a foot exfoliator, or providing relief for itchy skin.

🌿 Effortless Therapeutic Bath: Whether soaking your feet or indulging in a full bath with Epsom salts, our Spa Epsom Salts deliver a multitude of benefits. Soothe muscle aches, relax the body, enhance circulation, and even treat sunburn. For a skincare bonus, dislodge blackheads by adding a teaspoon of Epsom salts to half a cup of boiling water and applying the lukewarm mixture to blackheads with a cotton ball.


🌿 Magnesium Salts for Bath & Scrub: A versatile product with dual purposes. Magnesium bath salts ensure a therapeutic soak, while magnesium flakes are perfect for both exfoliating and invigorating the skin. Experience enhanced magnesium absorption during pedicure exfoliation, providing an extra strong treatment for fungal nails.

🌿 Epsom Salt Foot SPA Therapy: This foot soak is a game-changer. Offering relief for athlete’s foot, softening stubborn calluses, eliminating odors, and improving conditions such as nail fungus, infections, and foot fungus. It calms sore, tired feet, leaving them clean and healthy. The purifying salts act as an effective foot odor remover and foot pain reliever, addressing unpleasant odors, soothing achy feet, and revitalizing rough, dead skin.

🌿 Gift Idea: A Luxurious Spa Gift Set for Loved Ones. Perfect for anyone in need of a rejuvenating foot soak and therapeutic treatments, our foot soak and toenail fungal treatment make for an exquisite spa gift set. This foot exfoliator soak and fungal nail treatment is truly one of the best spa gifts for women, providing a sanctuary-like experience.


Tea tree oil Epsom salt


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