Organic Apricot Kernel & Cold Pressed Apricot Kernel Oil

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  • Facial Care: Deeply moisturizes dry and sensitive skin, reducing fine lines and serving as a natural anti-ageing solution.
  • Hair Care: Repairs dry or damaged hair, promoting growth with its high vitamin E content.
  • Body Nourishment: Firms and softens skin, suitable even for baby’s delicate skin, while soothing irritation and removing dead skin cells.
  • Rejuvenation: Ideal for dry, wrinkled skin, nourishing and naturally filling wrinkles.
  • Radiant Skin: Rich in omega 6 and omega 9, enhancing skin smoothness for a more luminous complexion.
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Immerse yourself in the indulgence of our organic, cold-pressed Apricot Kernel Oil, a golden elixir loaded with essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, a natural gem that will transform your personal care routine!

Purity and care in every drop with apricot kernel oil

Gently care for sensitive skin with our Apricot Oil, a natural and gentle choice for the youngest members of the family.

apricot kernel oil-cellulite

Regenerates and nourishes hair with apricot kernel oil

Nourishes, softens and adds vitality to every strand, revealing a natural shine. Brings your hair back to life, from root to tip


Say goodbye to cellulite with organic apricot oil!

Enriched with Pure Retinol, it reduces cellulite, smoothing the skin and improving its hydration. Discover firmer, more beautiful skin.


Caring for your skin
Experience sublime softness as the oil melts into your skin, deeply moisturising it thanks to its high Vitamin E content.

Discover the Beauty Elixir: 100% Pure and Natural Apricot Kernel Oil

Immerse yourself in the charm of nature with our Apricot Kernel Oil, a jewel of natural cosmetics. Extracted by cold-pressing apricot kernels, this elixir has been prized over the centuries for its wide range of skin and hair benefits.

Origin: From the sunny regions of French Provence. Our oil is obtained by a delicate cold-pressing process that guarantees the optimal preservation of its essential nutrients. This extraction method maintains the purity of the oil, preserving its therapeutic properties without compromising its quality.

Exceptional Nutritional Composition: Apricot oil stands out for its rich content of unsaturated fatty acids, predominantly oleic and linoleic acid, which account for approximately 90% of its composition. This combination confers exceptional moisturising and nourishing properties, essential for maintaining skin health. Antioxidants and Vitamin A: This natural elixir is a concentrated source of antioxidants, such as vitamin A, which fight free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing. Vitamin A, known for its role in cell renewal, helps maintain radiant, youthful skin.

Uses of organic apricot oil

Face Care: Apricot oil is an irreplaceable ally in facial care. Its light texture is easily absorbed, leaving the skin soft, moisturised and free of greasy feeling. Apply a few drops to face and neck as part of your daily routine to experience revitalised skin.

Nourished Hair: Transform your mane with the restorative properties of apricot kernel oil. Apply to the ends to combat frizz and improve texture. You can also use it as a hair mask to restore vitality and shine.

Relaxing Massage: Enjoy the relaxing experience of a massage with our oil. Its light consistency and absorbency make it the perfect partner for massages that not only relax the muscles, but also nourish the skin.

Stretch Mark Treatment: Apply the oil regularly to areas prone to stretch marks. Its nourishing and regenerative action can help improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

All-over body care: Spread the love to your whole body. Apricot oil absorbs quickly, providing hydration and nourishment to every inch of your skin. Ideal after bathing to seal in moisture.

In short, our Apricot Oil is a genuine expression of natural beauty. From its origin in the apricot orchards to its daily application on your skin and hair, every drop is a promise of well-being. Discover the power of nature in every bottle and be captivated by the transformation it can bring to your personal care routine. Take your care to the next level with this jewel of nature and awaken the innate beauty within you.



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