Liquid vegetable glycerin Pure BIO – Glycerol Base to make cosmetics

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Pure glycerin

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Natural glycerin

  • Vegan, kosher and moisturizing for the skin: the moisturizing effect of glycerin makes it an ideal topical remedy for burns, allowing the skin to recover in a better way.
  • Multiple benefits: preparation of tinctures and botanical remedies. Suitable for application on all skin types (with special care to the most sensitive ones). Also used as an anti-acne treatment.
  • Suitable as a base for soaps: glycerin soap, for example, is very popular. It helps to alleviate dry skin problems by drawing water from the lower layers.
  • For DIY home cosmetics: vegetable glycerin can be used as a solvent and alcohol substitute in the production of hand creams, oily hair shampoo, botanical and herbal extracts.
  • Naturally strengthens hair: vegetable glycerin for cosmetics also has an incredible effect on our hair. First of all, it helps us to manage to maintain it and to resist the passage of time. It manages to improve its appearance and shine. But, in addition, buying vegetable glycerin for hair will help to regenerate it. If the hair is damaged or very dry, glycerin will strengthen it. Add a few drops in the shampoo.

Glycerin with organic certificate



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