Linseed oil for personal and dietary use


Linseed oil

Flaxseed oil is used as:

  • Dietary supplement: Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, specifically alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Consuming flaxseed oil can be beneficial for cardiovascular and brain health. It is used as a supplement in liquid or capsule form.
  • Cooking: Flaxseed oil can be used in cooking as a salad dressing or as an ingredient in shakes and smoothies. It is important to note that flaxseed oil is sensitive to heat and light, so it is not suitable for cooking at high temperatures.
  • Personal care: It is found in some skin and hair care products due to its moisturising and softening properties.
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Flaxseed oil properties

  • RICH IN OMEGA-3 – Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which, as well as being beneficial for our organism, moisturises the skin, nails and hair.
  • ANTI-AGEING – Flaxseed is rich in nutrients to care for the skin. For this you can use it in massage or poultices on the areas where redness, inflammation or itching tends to appear. It also works well for eczema, rosacea and other skin conditions, including healing and regeneration.
  • ANTI ACNE – A good choice for acne because it promotes the removal of pore-clogging sebum.
  • ANTI SPOTS – Combats skin spots and sunburn. Flaxseed is known to have a high anti-inflammatory index thanks to these fatty acids. This means that skin irritation, redness and tissue inflammation can be minimised by making use of flaxseed oil. It is as simple as applying it directly to the skin, allowing it to be absorbed naturally.
  • HAIR MASK – Provides nourishment and essential fatty acids, very beneficial for hair growth and regrowth. The oil can be taken or applied directly. To do this, simply apply a few drops to the palms of the hands and rub into the hair. People with hair malnutrition and dry hair can benefit from its rich content of vitamins, antioxidants and anti-ageing acids.

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