Jasmine floral water

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Jasmine Hydrosol

🌼 FACIAL TONER – Natural alternative to cosmetic products containing chemicals. Jasmine hydrolat is an effective facial tonic & moisturiser. Anti redness. Skin revitaliser, combats flaccidity and increases elasticity. Natural anti-spot treatment.

🌼 COLOGNE WATER & FRAGRANCE – Contains 100% natural & pure substances and its aroma is one of the most seductive and aphrodisiacal. Ideal for use as a body and facial fragrance after showering. Can also be used as a hair spray. Natural moisturiser.

🌼 CREATE YOUR BEAUTY PRODUCTS – Ideal as a base for the creation of cream, serum, facial tonic, body tonic, lotion, gel, soap. cologne, fragrance, perfume, air freshener, ironing water, shampoo, facial mask, massage oil, hair mask, relaxing bath…

🌼 RELAXING/CALMING PROPERTIES – Spray jasmine water on sheets and pillows for a more relaxing and deeper sleep. Jasmine floral water has relaxing effects. It is ideal for soothing babies naturally.

🌼 FACIAL CLEANSER – Jasmine water deeply hydrates and cleanses the skin, It is useful for detoxifying and firming the skin. Use jasmine hydrolat for a cleansing sensation. Ideal for sensitive, mature and dry skin.

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Floral water is obtained by the same process as essential oils, i.e. by steam distillation. The water vapour passes through the plants. On leaving the container, this water vapour, enriched with the essential oils contained in the plants, is condensed in a cold tube. The liquid that is collected contains traces of essential oil and water.
In mid-July, when the harvesting season begins, before the buds of many plants have even bloomed, the tractors automatically harvest the fields, and the harvesters on foot, with their huge wicker baskets of yesteryear and armed with their sickles, walk through the flower fields under an intense and unbearable summer sun, picking by hand all those herbs and flowers that are inaccessible to tractors.
Then, once the harvesting of the most precious and aromatic riches of the fields of the South of France is finished, the drying of the flowers begins. Drying takes about two to three days and, once this process is complete, the dried plants are transported to the distilleries. Distillation of the plants at low temperature follows the traditional process. The plants are transported to large containers where they are pressed hard to provide maximum resistance to water vapour in order to extract as much essential oil as possible. After pressing, the kettles are brought to boiling point and the steam is enriched with the aromatic essential oils.
The handcrafting process is a lengthy and labour-intensive process. It normally takes about half an hour to distil a tonne of flowers and produces between 5 and 10 kilos of essence from these flowers.

Floral water for young skin

JASMINE: Aphrodisiac effects. Moisturises dry skin and softens chapped skin.

Multipurpose floral water

Floral water is water naturally enriched with essential oils and its main advantage is that it is less concentrated than essential oils, so it is better tolerated. Some of the general uses of floral waters are as follows:

  • FACIAL USES: Facial toner, facial cleanser, make-up remover, make-up fixer, facial moisturiser, decongestant for dark circles under the eyes.
  • BODY USES: Refreshing mist, body cologne, mild perfume, hair deodorant, eau de cologne, lotion after waxing or shaving, circulation stimulant.
  • HAIR USEHair cologne, mask activator, anti-frizz.
  • HOME USE: Ironing water, laundry scent, cushion scent, pillow scent, bed scent, sofa scent, clothes and wardrobe scent, relaxing scent in stressful situations, relaxing baby scent, car air freshener.



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