Handmade Soap of Natural Origin with Olive Oil and Eucalyptus

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  • This liquid black soap concentrate is made from olive pomace oil, it’s free of animal fats, synthetic surfactants and preservatives. This «does-everything» product should be used diluted to clean surfaces and remove stains and grease.
  • For animals, black soap is a natural shampoo.
  • In the house, black soap cleans everything from floor to ceiling (floors and tiles, dishes, surfaces, countertops, stoves, windows, leather, laundry …)
  • Easily replace more than a dozen household products. Its highly concentrated formula makes it a really economical product
  • Hand Sanitizing Soap – To wash the body and face. Hypoallergenic, it will take care of your skin.
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Handmade Soap

Natural Soap

Handmade and Organic Need a detox and exfoliating skin treatment? This organic handmade soap softens dead skin and facilitates exfoliation. Aleppo Soap African Gold Antibacterial, Oily skin face soap, exfoliating, exfoliating facial soap. Soap for acne and pimples. Pure soap. Stain remover.

Liquid soap

Enriched with Eucalyptus Essential Oil. Free from harsh chemicals. African Gold Dry, damaged or tired skin? Handmade black soap is a natural anti-ageing soap due to its extra moisturising properties and its high content of vitamins A, C and E. Natural organic hand soap. Delicate garments

African soap

Sauna Hammam ritual cabin. Black soap from Morocco. Black detox and degreasing soap from floor to ceiling. Do you want to improve the appearance of your skin? Original Aleppo soap. Its antioxidant action and high vitamin C content make it perfect as an anti-wrinkle and skin regenerating remedy.

Antibacterial body wash

Soothing effects: Black soap can have soothing and anti-inflammatory properties that benefit the skin, especially in cases of conditions such as acne or skin irritation. Do you suffer from acne and blackheads? Natural Aleppo soap is an excellent antibacterial soap and natural facial cleanser.

Organic soap

Refill for your Kitchen, Sauna, Hammam, Bath and Shampoo Dispenser Dry hair or hair damaged by sun, cold, wind or dye? Its high vitamin E content repairs the ends and deeply nourishes the hair fibre, leaving your hair more beautiful and shiny. Natural Shampoo for our Pets.

Combine with aloe vera gel to moisturise skin


500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml, 5000 ml


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