Black onion and coffee anti-hair loss shampoo

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Onion and coffee shampoo

  • Repairs and prevents hair loss: it has a high caffeine content, known for its ability to help hair growth. Latest generation product boosted with red onion extract that is revolutionizing the hair market.
  • Increases volume: with natural coffee extract and castor oil for oily hair, with a double effect of cleansing and moisturizing. Longer hair with more natural volume. Beard shampoo, anti hair loss, fast hair growth.
  • Castor and sulfate free shampoo: produces a light and soft foam and cleanses very effectively and deeply without damaging the hair fiber.
  • Suitable for daily use: for hair with hair loss or poor growth. Provides nourishment and hydration, improving the appearance of hair in a few weeks. Eliminates dryness caused by dandruff fungus. Gives hair shine and volume. Strengthens and stimulates hair growth. Progressively reduces damage caused by the use of poor quality commercial products, as it eliminates split ends and brittle hair. It quells hair loss. It is moisturising.
  • Nourishing onion shampoo: Rich in Vitamins, it promotes unique hair softness. The omega 9 fatty acids in castor oil coat the hair fiber, which provides hydration and protection to each hair.
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Natural shampoo

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Caffeine shampoo for hair loss

Caffeine shampoo has been promoted for the potential benefits it may have on hair growth and reducing hair loss. The idea is that caffeine can help stimulate hair follicles and prolong the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle, which could potentially slow down or prevent hair loss.


Best caffeine shampoo

Coffee, onion and castor oil shampoo available in different formats. From small travel containers to large formats for hairdressing centers.

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Caffeine hair shampoo



Does the black color dye light-colored hair?

No, the dark color is due to its 100% natural ingredients. It does not leave any type of stains, nor does it darken the skin or hair.

Who is our shampoo intended for?

Shampoo for all audiences, genders, ages, and hair types! Especially for normal to oily, thin, and damaged hair.

How does the shampoo work on the hair?

It delays hair loss in women and men through the natural reactivation of the follicles, strengthening the root, making the hair grow faster, stronger, and healthier.

Does B.O.T test on animals?

No. B.O.T does not test on animals, in addition, the ingredients of its products are 100% natural, grown sustainably.

Why choose B.O.T Shampoo?

Most conventional shampoos contain chemicals, parabens, silicones, and sulfates, our shampoo is made from natural ingredients that do not harm the skin or hair.

What sets it apart from the rest?

Cleaning the hair with other conventional shampoos involves frequent washing and the purchase of more products to see the results. With our shampoo, the results are seen from the first few weeks.



100 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000 ml, 2000 ml


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