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    Bioactive Collagen Gel Wrinkle Filler, Firming Skin, Anti-Stretch Marks Body

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    Firming gel

    • ☑️ Marine Collagen WRINKLE FILLER – Highly Concentrated hydrolysed marine collagen gel for the reduction of wrinkles on the face, décolleté & chest. Visibly minimizes the appearance of expression and fine lines in the eye contour area, corrects dark circles and reduces acne.
    • ☑️ Increases COLLAGEN and ELASTIN Production – Stimulates the skin to increase the production of hyaluronic acid. Regenerates the skin and restores its elasticity. Filling out lines and wrinkles from the inside out by plumping up lines and sagging skin.
    • ☑️ Professional FIRMING Treatment – Facial and body firming gel that rebuilds the skin’s structure and reinforces natural repair mechanisms to combat sagging legs, breasts, belly and arms. Aids skin natural elasticity. Improves loss of firmness.
    • ☑️ 6 TIMES MORE Moisturising than a Conventional Cream/Serum- Moisturises the skin and restores skin elasticity thanks to its lifting effect. Ideal collagen gel to apply by massage on cellulite areas for the reduction of orange peel skin.
    • ☑️ High Strength LIFTING Collagen Gel – Recommended for use in beauty treatments using machines and devices such as: Cavitation Massage, Facials, Face & Body Massage, Galvanic therapy, Radiofrequency, Electrotherapy, Ultrasound.
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