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  • Lavender scrub salt - relaxing bath salts

    Lavender salt scrub 1 kg

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    Lavender Epsom salt

    • A complete skin therapy: we use only pure epsom salts, organic lavender essential oil and jojoba, avocado and safflower oils to detoxify and hydrate your skin, leaving it ultra soft, smooth and beautiful.
    • Multi-purpose solution: lavender essential oil to relax the mind and cleanse the skin, epsom salts to gently exfoliate, shea butter and vitamin E to soften and moisturize, avocado and jojoba oils to nourish and hydrate the skin.
    • A natural alternative: to at-home microdermabrasion products and chemical exfoliants.
    • Therapeutic and anti-inflammatory salts: soothe aching feet, eliminate odors and soften rough skin with a blend of exfoliating Epsom salt and moisturizing oils.

  • natural-peppermint-body-scrub

    Natural peppermint body scrub organic exfoliant

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    Natural body exfoliator

    Experience complete body rejuvenation with our Organic Peppermint Refreshing Scrub. It’s not just a scrub; it’s a holistic skin therapy that detoxifies and hydrates, leaving your skin soft, smooth, and radiant.

    Harness the power of nature with our unique blend of Epsom Salts, Organic Peppermint essential oil, and nourishing oils like Jojoba, Avocado, and Safflower. This formula deeply nourishes, softens, and moisturizes your skin while maintaining its natural beauty.

    Bid farewell to harsh chemicals as our natural exfoliator offers a safe and effective alternative to at-home microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliants. Free from GMOs, gluten, preservatives, perfumes, parabens, alcohol, dyes, animal fats, or petroleum.

    Relieve discomfort and revive tired feet with our blend of exfoliating Epsom Salt and moisturizing oils. Our scrub also helps eliminate odors, providing comprehensive foot care.

    Key Benefits of our natural body scrub:

    1. Removes dead skin cells, revealing smoother, radiant, and even-toned skin.
    2. Clears clogged pores, reducing blackheads and acne.
    3. Renews skin cells, diminishing fine lines and age spots for a radiant complexion.
    4. Enhances the absorption of regular skincare products by eliminating dead cell barriers.


  • Tea-tree-epsom-salt

    Tea tree epsom salt 1 kg

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    Tea tree bath salts

    • Powerful anti fungus and bacteria solution: a foot bath with tea tree oil with epsom salts fights nail fungus, athlete’s foot and persistent foot odor.
    • Eliminates odor naturally: this is a 100% natural product that reduces foot sweating by eliminating bad odor and the feeling of heaviness.
    • In-depth cleansing: our foot bath with tea tree oil helps eliminate harmful bacteria that regular soaps and scrubs don’t remove.
    • Keeps nails soft and strong: the refreshing and exfoliating effect of salts and oils helps remove old skin cells, leaving only healthy cells, ensuring deep cleansing and soft, supple nails and toes.
    • Improves the health and relaxation of your feet: the bath salts improve blood circulation to the feet, leaving a feeling of calm and relaxation.