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About us

Botanical Organic Therapy: Cosmetic & Wellness was born from our passion for natural cosmetics and the world of beauty. Our philosophy is based on a responsible relationship with both nature and our customers.

Highly effective

We do not ever give up while we constantly striving to improve the formulas of our products.


Our products respect the environment and are not tested on animals. We are dedicated nature lovers.

Made in France

Our products are created in France, according to European standards to offer you high quality natural solutions.

Why choose our products over others on the market?

Botanical Organic Therapy is an image we are proud of. We are a small company from the Provence, a region in the Southeast of France bordering Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. The Provence region is famous for its spectacular landscapes and diverse fields and forests. Our products are made from ingredients from organic farming, which have been cultivated without herbicides, free of fertilizers and growth regulators, while taking advantage of sustainable land management. Natural products are composed of plant extracts, essential vegetable oils, butters, etc. extracted directly from nature so the body recognizes them more easily knowing how to make the most of their properties.

Our commitment

We promote body care in a healthy way and as close as possible to nature. We achieve this through the development of quality products within everyone’s reach. Because you also deserve to pamper your body in the most natural and ecological way possible.

So, do you dare to join us and join the natural skin care? Your skin will thank you!


Our Organic products

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In case you got a question related to one of our products or an issue during your online shopping, please do not hesitate in writing us through the following form. One of our specialists will reach out to you as soon as it would be possible.